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Companies and shops ready to cooperate kindly asked to contact us by form, email or phone..


We can present your company logo in excpetional way

We are ready to cooperate with companies that are looking for original ideas of unique gifts, to grant their respected guests, important customers, or employees.


Apart the ready projects from our offer, we are ready to take on a challenge and create a unique design to be a showpiece for your company in the shape of reusable wax lantern or candle.


Our wax lanterns and candles could add their warm glow, exposing your company logo or any design you have, to many public and more private places.


Let's cast your logo in UNFORGETABLE SHAPE
to attract peoples SIGHT


The flame hidden behind the wax walls breaks through with a warm, yellow and orange shade of light, reveals details of each design. Our lanterns and candles fill the space around them with their warm glow.

We offer our new WAX LANTERNS


Combined together with our tealights, the set immediately shows the uniqueness of its design. These lanterns are made exclusively of rapeseed wax and can be used many times. Depending on your mood or the conditions, you can light up the chosen pattern and enjoy the immediate candle lantern effect.


We can present your COMPANY LOGO

GRANT those, who are IMPORTANT to you

in exceptional way

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