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Frequently asked questions about our candles

1. Why do we use Rapeseed wax?

Rapeseed Wax is a completely natural and renewable candle wax. Most of plant waxes come from outside Europe: soy wax usually from the USA, palm stearin from South America or Southeast Asia. Rapeseed wax is produced out of European canola or rapeseed fields. Thanks that we are saving Due to the fact, that our raw material leaves small "carbon footprint", we contribute to reducing the production impact on the environment and climate change.  

2. What kind of wicks do we use?

In our candles we use pure cotton wicks, lead-free and without any paper core.

3. How to clean up a rapeseed wax spill?

Natural waxes you can clean very easily and they do not cause such difficulties as oily paraffins. .Although we believe every candle user takes care about candle, wax spill may happen by chance. Natural wax can be easily cleaned up with a cloth or paper towel. First let the wax harden, then gently scrap it off. Wax left on the surfaces wipe with towel dumped in a warm, soapy water.


4. Why doesn’t my candle burn to the edge?

The answer is: it is made not to do so. That was our aim to make the candle projects, that will keep candle shape as long as possible, to turn them into lanterns. Tunneling effect is not demanded in most of the jar or other containers candles. For our candles we choose appropriate wick thikness proportional to candle diameter to have controll of the candle tunneling for better lantern effect.

Of course, at the end stage of burning, flame will melt top edges. It makes the candle shape even more interesting, each time different. The wax left at the end of burning you can use for your own candle. Here you will find the step by step guidelines how to make it.

5. Why do we make our candles without fragrance?

We care about quality of our candles, moreover we are fair to our customers. We do not want to use cheap chemically synthetized fragrances. We are working on candles with pure essential oils, but it needs many test and time to make them perfect.

6. Why should you trim the wick?
Too large wick means far too quick burn of your candle (shortens burning time even up to half of the time indicated on the box). The wick should be kept trimmed at the hight of approx. 0.5 cm. Make sure that all trimmed wick debris are taken out of the wax.

Trimming also prevents your wick from curling back into the wax. or tilting out of the center of the candle.

7. Why is the candle smoking and has a large flame?
The most propably cause is not trimmed wick.

Pay attention, do not to put the candle in the places where air flow is intensive (next to open windows, near airconditioners or funs). In such a places candle burning process is much faster than time pointed on the box.

1. Why do we use Rapeseed wax?

2. What kind of wicks do we use?

3. How to clean up a rapeseed wax spill?

4. Why doesn’t my candle burn to the edge?

5. Why do we make our candles without fragrance?

6. Why should you trim the wick?

7. Why is the candle smoking and has a large flame?

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