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Companies and shops ready to cooperate kindly asked to contact us by form, email or phone..


We are ready to cooperate with companies that are looking for original ideas for unique gifts for their employees or want to pamper their customers with something exceptional.


Apart from the candles we have been offering, we are ready to take on a challenge and create a unique design to be a showpiece for your company.

For Companies

Kandelo - świece dla każdego

Most candles available in shops are made of paraffin. Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum processing, vapours resulting from paraffin combustion contain toxic compounds. You can smell it as the specific odour excreted by burning paraffin candles.


Natural plant waxes are only natural. Our candles contain nothing but rapeseed wax and cotton wicks. Rapeseed wax is known for its clear, cream colour and neutral scent given off during combustion. The cotton wicks that we use do not contain any chemical substances, paper or lead. The combination of rapeseed wax and a clean cotton wick results in a beautiful flame without smoke and soot.

Now you can have a nice atmosphere in your home combined with air that is good to your health!

100% rapeseed wax

We care for your comfort.


The packaging of each KANDELO candle contains a cork coaster. This natural material made of cork oak is a perfect thermal insulator. Thus, you can have your peace of mind that nothing will happen to the surface on which the burning candle is standing. Even when the candle is burning out and the flame is close to its bottom, the cork will protect the delicate surface of your furniture.


Still, please take care not to light any candles in the vicinity of inflammable materials or objects!

- Bonsai Small

- Bonsai Big

- Yoga Small

- Yoga Big

- Mount & Fjord

- Origami

- Mandala

Candles from our workshop

- Lotus tea lights set

Full glow of the candles develops as they burn. Designing the candle models, we were searching for exceptional shapes to make them turn into beautiful lanterns.


The flame hidden behind the wax walls breaks through with a warm, yellow and orange shade of light, exposing details of each design. Our candles fill every room with their warm glow.

The lantern effect: double-faced candles

Rapeseed wax is an extraordinary material which does not deserve to be closed in any container. For this reason, we created free standing candles that delight with their delicacy of texture and colour.


Our candles come in unique forms and designs, as their models are individually carved in wood. We assure their uniqueness starting from designing and producing the models, through preparing and casting the moulds, filling them with wax, to individual packing of each candle.

KANDELO – handmade and unique

Bestseller! YOGA LIGHT

Yoga Light lantern set is our bestseller since it appeared on the market. The success encuraged us to widen our natural wax lanterns offer with next shapes of OM, AKI and Kamal Lights. They helps to calm down in yoga practice, meditation or relaxing sessions.

More on Yoga Light Set

 New projects ! AKI Light and Kamal Light

We've finished works on two new projects!
Proudly, we introduce to our offer, two new wax lanterns AKI Light and Kamal Light. 

Our lanterns create a unique atmosphere with the glow of patterns illuminated through their wax shell. This time, we would like to give a touch of Far East nature. Combined together with our tealights, the set immediately shows the uniqueness of its design. These lanterns are made exclusively of rapeseed wax and can be used many times. Depending on your mood or the conditions, you can light up the chosen pattern and enjoy the immediate candle lantern effect.

More on lanterns

Kandelo świeca Bonsai z wosku rzepakowego

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