Zrób świecę jaką chcesz

On the bottom label you will find the information how long it takes for the specific candle to burn out. We measured the time in compliance with the following rules:

1. Before you light the candle, trim the wick to ca. 5 mm (cut it off, or break it off if it has already been burnt)

2. At one time, candles should be burning for 2 ‑ 4 hours. When the candle burning time is too short, the wax may not melt properly, which will significantly shorten the candle longevity. When the candle burns for more than 4 hours, this will make it burn out faster.

3. Store the candles in a room temperature.

4. Should one side of the candle have melted more than the other, please correct the wick position carefully, moving the wick towards the centre of the candle.

How to care for the flame to enjoy the candle light as long as possible

1. Crush the wax left after the candle has burnt out.


2. Remove the liner from the metal foot of the wick and glue it in the middle of a glass jar bottom.


3. Put the wax pieces around the wick so that it stays in its vertical position.


4. Secure the protruding wick with a laundry clip.


5. Put the glass jar in a pot with water reaching to the middle of the jar (the jar should be standing on the pot bottom).


6. Start warming the pot on a low heat. Make sure the water doesn't boil!


7. When the wax in the jar has melted, remove the pot from the heat source and wait ca. 30 minutes until the water has cooled off. Do not take the jar out of the hot water!


8. After about one hour, trim the wick to ca. 1 cm and your home-made candle made from natural wax is ready!

Make your own candle
from the wax remains

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